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Barbara Ehrenreich

In an earlier post (7/15/2010) I offered Sarah Vowell as a model of the sort of writer I’d like students to become. Let me suggest another exemplar: Barbara Ehrenreich. I’ve read seven or eight of Ehrenreich’s books—and one of my … Continue reading

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Professionals and bureaucrats

I’ve finished Tony Scott’s Dangerous Writing (2009), which is a polemical critique of what he sees as the bureaucratic culture of composition studies. He argues that the “social turn” that composition has taken since the 1990s has defined the social … Continue reading

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Bird by bird

I recently reread Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, which I’m assigning in my Creative Nonfiction course this fall. I decided to revisit Lamott because it seemed to me a few months ago that everyone I talked to who wasn’t a … Continue reading

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12 Point Times New Roman

It’s always the throw-away remarks that get me in trouble. While talking with the Oklahoma faculty about our expectations for student writing, I happened to mention that I’ve often been  struck by how little most teachers have to say about … Continue reading

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