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I teach composition, creative nonfiction, and digital writing at the University of Delaware.

Kevin Davis on blogging

Kevin Davis visited my Digital Writing class this week to talk about how to define and set up a blog. Kevin is the author of Bull City Rising, a blog tracking the resurgence (and political travails) of downtown Durham. I’ve … Continue reading

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Four kinds of research

Back again. I’m teaching a course on Digital Writing this semester and have asked the students in it to set up and keep their own idea-centered blogs. They are required to make at least one 400-word post each week, in … Continue reading

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Darnton, The case for books

I’ve just read The Case for Books, a collection of essays over the last few decades by Robert Darnton— eminent cultural historian and current Director of the Harvard University Library. He’s a good antidote to both technophobes like Sven Birkerts … Continue reading

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Lag time

With apologies to any reader(s) who may have wondered, since my last post on 8/19, where I disappeared to . . . The answer is—predictably enough—into work. The semester has indeed come around with its usual, happy busy-ness: planning and … Continue reading

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